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  • Tune-UP & Oil Change (换油) 

  • Battery Replacement (电池更换) 

  • Four Wheels Alignment, Tire Purchases and Installation (四轮电子定位,轮胎及安装 ) 

  • Factory Recommended Maintenance (We have your factory recommended maintenance schedule in our computerized database)(工厂推荐的维修, 我们建议您工厂的维修时间表,在我们的电脑化资料库) 

  • Advanced Engine Diagnostics (发动机诊断 ) 

  • Electrical/Electronic Systems (电气/电子系统) 

  • Steering and Suspension Systems (方向盘系统) 

  • Engine Performance and Repair (发动机性能及维修) 

  • Brake Systems, including ABS (制动系统,包括ABS) 

  • Heating and Air Conditioning (空调系统) 

  • Automatic and Manual Transmissions/Transaxles (自动和手动变速器)

  • Exhaust Systems(排气系统)

  • Cooling System Service (冷却系统服务)

  • Rear End Service (尾部齿轮服务)

  • And More... (更多...)


Sunrise Auto Service is to provide a one-stop Smog Check test and related maintenance center. Sunrise Auto Service Smog Check Station, to test and repair any vehicle, even though it has been for Test Only vehicles. We contract with California to provide assistance to this biennial inspection cannot be repaired or any instructions of the Test Only vehicles. Since 2002, we carry out high-quality services. For your personal, company cars, sports utility vehicle through the Smog Check test. Sunrise Auto Service Smog Check Station is owned and operated independently.


We have two professional Smog technician, stands ready to answer the question of Smog Check.

 NEW ! We have now offer the Travel Data Recorder Installation Service for all cars.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!



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